Classic Mitch Post Originally Posted May 15, 2010.

Mitch Welcome to my blog. You can call me Mitch. As you can tell by the name of the site my philosophy is laid right out for you. I’ve come to a point in my adult life where I think I have reached a new level of self awareness and honesty. I have made a conscious decision to be honest with myself, my family, and every aspect of my life. I vow I will always be one hundred percent honest when I write this blog.


What will my content be? Frankly, I don’t know. I really just want to write about whatever I feel like discussing that day. I do know what I don’t want my writing to become. I don’t want it to become one of those opinion pieces that are negative in an attempt to  be funny. You are either funny or you are not, I believe it just happens naturally. Some writers think that you have to have a negative slant about everything to be funny. Frankly I don’t, yes I realize the irony of disagreeing with that. 

 I don’t want anger to creep into my blog. I feel a lot of opinion writers fall into the trap of thinking that they always need to be controversial and cutting edge; so to achieve that they need to be angry all the time. Coming from a reformed anger junkie, that bit gets real old real quick. 

I’m hoping my blog will be entertaining, readable and not turn into a pretentious masturbatory ego piece. For example, you’ll never see me at a coffee shop writing on my laptop, too cliche, plus I don’t want to have to start wearing turtlenecks, scarf and a military messenger bag to look the part of “want to be writer”. Actually that look also says “I have  $30 000 in student loan debt from my arts degree and I work at this coffee shop, room for cream?”


I’ll write about my personal life, my family, things I like, ideas I have, basically anything under the sun I feel like talking about. I’m going to think of this as an online diary, no strike that, sounds too girly. Journal? Too granola for my liking. Log book? Too high potential for fecal humour. Rant? Trying too hard. Chronicles?  Not enough. Chronicles of Mitch? Doesn’t sound right. Mitch Chronicles. That might be the one. Mitch Chronicles, that feels right.  Plus when they option my book  into a film “Mitch Chronicles” sounds indie but legitimate enough to pad my credibility stats.  I hope they get Leo to play me. 

I’m wrapping this up here, got  much needed  date night with Mrs. Mitch, the little Mitch is at  sleepover at Grandma’s. There you learned something about Mitch, got myself a wife and child.  I learned I am way out of practise writing.


The Chronicles Begin. (Originally Published May 15 2010)

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