The Jigging Fiasco (Originally Published May 23, 2010)


a. Any of various lively dances in triple time.

b. The music for such a dance. Also called gigue.

So the other day, my dad calls and asks right away to speak to Mrs. Mitch. Which in itself is rather odd, normally he speaks to me then her if need be. After she hangs up the phone, I ask “what was that about?” she tells me “Dad asksed me if we wanted to go to a jigging festival Friday. He knew if he asked you, you would say ‘No’ right away. You are not much for cultural events.” 

Fast forward a couple days later I asked Mrs. Mitch what time “Monster of Jigging” was. She replies “we” are going at 8 pm, as in Mitch, Mrs. Mitch and Little Mitch. I replied that one; I had made other plans, as it was never made clear to me that I had to attend this event, two after being with me for 15 years what in her right mind would make her think that I would find this remotely entertaining? Somehow through no fault of my own I’m in the doghouse, because everyone assumed I was going after playing the “culture” card, even though no one asked me. I’m the bad guy, by circumstance, which is my ultimate pet peeve. I have no problem being an A-hole by choice but being one by circumstance is another matter entirely. 

The fallout from the “jigging” fiasco got me thinking, why can something be decidedly lame, yet the minute the “it’s culture” card is played it makes you the uncultured swine for saying no? The cold hard reality is I could care less about jigging and there is no way I could even attempt to feign interest in it? Honestly has there been any ground breaking discoveries in jigging in the past 200 years? Jigging is one of those activities where you get the general idea after about ten seconds. 

When did it become a capital crime to say “no, I do not like (fill in the blank) and I do not want to do (fill in the blank)?” Yet when you say no, people extending the invitation try to convince you why you “should” like it? Honestly this drives me nuts why can we not be honest with our likes and dislikes anymore?

For me this fits in with my personal tenet of “honesty in all aspects” approach I am trying to apply to my life. If you don’t like something and don’t want to do it just be honest and say so. You don’t need to be negative or rude, just be honest and forthcoming. You can say “you know that’s not really my thing, but you have good time. I’m going to stay home, surf the net for lesbian porn then maybe watch Lethal Weapon 2.” 

Of course one could argue I ended up doing my own form of “jigging” that night. To the lesbians not Mel….damn walk right into that one didn’t I?

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