Life Lessons With Mitch Lesson 215

I had an amazing idea the other day. Someone should create a Facebook program that automatically filters out of your newsfeed posts featuring :

  • Pictures of people’s cats, kids, or dogs being “cute”.
  • Pictures of “look what I just made/ate!”
  • Picture of any girl doing a “duckface.”
  • Any pseudo-inspirational quote pics.

I thought I had a million dollar idea, then I really thought it through. This program would just give me a blank newsfeed. Damn.

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3 thoughts on “Life Lessons With Mitch Lesson 215

  1. girl says:

    Ha haaaa. So true. Good thing we’re not facebook friends. You’d see at least 1 rabbit picture a day 😉

  2. philklef says:

    Reblogged this on philiponodiamablog and commented:

  3. Rose Chimera says:

    lol We do need some sort of app or filter on FB for each thing on your list. You can game posts i.e,. FarmVille CityVille WhoVille whateverville. However, I guess you’re right when I think about it, filter all that crap out then it would be a blank screen

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