Life Lessons With Mitch Lesson 220

Sign that the universe is telling Mitch he needs to take a break from online dating.

Today one of my carefully selected, just for me, using 29 points of Eharmony compatibility ,”matches” was someone from my past… who was one of the most arrogant, entitled, negative, miserable people I have ever met in my life …

…who also  happened to be my former best friend’s newly ex-wife.

If ever there was a sign from the cosmos it was time for Mitch to take a break from online dating, I think this was it.

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6 thoughts on “Life Lessons With Mitch Lesson 220

  1. Rose Chimera says:

    OMG! lol…what are the odds of that match?! Pretty weird really. Maybe a break might stop that funky karma of your matches?

    • That’s totally what I’m thinking Rose. I’m taking it as sign from the cosmos it’s time to take an online dating break.

      And lately it was starting to remind me of job hunting where after a while all the postings start to look the same. Think I’ll just enjoy my “lone wolf” time for a while.

      • Rose Chimera says:

        Take a break or modify your profile!!! Let ematch or harmony or whatever site know you don’t like that person and don’t send me more like that! lol!! Its your life (and subscription).

        Taking a break is sometimes good, as long as you’re not running away from what you’re taking a break from if you get my meaning.

  2. I’m going to take a break for a little while. No, it wouldn’t be a running away thing for me. I’m recognizing with the head space I am in right now, I’m not really open to meeting anyone, and no one is really making me go “Wow! I so want to know more about you.” I’m really enjoying my “lone wolf” time right now, once that gets old I’m sure I’ll get the fire in the belly to get back in the dating pool again.

  3. decimawho says:

    I thought you were married, now I’m confused! Online dating is rubbish, but meeting people from hobby forums online is good stuff, a lot of my friends have found partners that way.

    • Any of the longer essay type blog posts are from 2 years ago thats why they say “originally published on such and such a date”. I’m transferring those old blog posts from my old blog server to wordpress. So a lot has happened in 2 years. Dont worry well get to my old “I’m divorced now” blog posts soon. LOL

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