Help Me Out Readers! I Need A Name For My New Roommate.

So Little Mitch had a guinea pig with his mom at her place. Unfortunately, due to her work schedule, and her roommate’s excited dog the Guinea pig was not getting as much attention a social animal like a guinea pig requires. I said I’d take him, I’m something of a homebody anyways, but on one condition, I get to rename him.

My naming requirements are:

1- Must be a manly man kind of dude name.

2- Has to be a first and last name because I think its hilarous when animals have first and last names.

So I need your input readers here are the names I’ve narrowed it down to:

1. Roger Murtaugh.











2- Neil Diamond.








3. Burt Reynolds.

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7 thoughts on “Help Me Out Readers! I Need A Name For My New Roommate.

    • That seems to be the consensus. Everyone says he looks like a “Burt.” I been trying the name out with him today and it seems to fit. Plus I’m thinking of getting him a cagemate, maybe one of the other names could be used then.

  1. decimawho says:

    PS I think you’re hot!

    (This is totally not a come on, first I’m probably thousands of miles away, second I’m taken, and third I’m mostly a lesbian.) But you are cute.

  2. decimawho says:

    No probs. I’m a ‘say what you see’ type. 🙂

  3. He’s squeaking Alan Rickman to me…

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