Mitch’s One Line Review Of Drive (2011)

“For the love of God, someone tell Ryan Gosling to speak the hell up and stop mumbling.”

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12 thoughts on “Mitch’s One Line Review Of Drive (2011)

  1. decimawho says:

    I hate ‘arty’ films where they whisper the whole time for effect. Drives. Me. Nuts.

    • I had to put the subtitles on, I was so frustrated watching this flick.

      • decimawho says:

        As a film in general, how do you feel about ‘Hancock’? I think it’s absolutely brilliant, but basically everyone I know, especially film buffs, think it’s the worst film ever made.

        I’d like to know your view point on it, what with your degree and everything. If you like it too then I’ll be vindicated and can tell everyone they’re WRONG because someone with a degree in film studies says so. If you hate it, then I’ll just ignore you and carry on thinking everyone else is crazy, except me, I’m perfectly sane. 😉

  2. I think you are way off base here,he plays a nervous guy who’s nerves turn to ice when he is behind the wheel,it was one of the films and performances of the year in my opinion.

  3. Hancock wasn’t memorable, but I did enjoy it and that’s saying a lot because I’m not a big Will Smith fan. To be fair too, I’m a total superhero geek so I was pretty forgiving about this film. You’re not crazy, it was a watchable film and tell your friends your new buddy Mitch says so.

    And on the other hand too, take any of my film commentary with a grain of salt. Two reasons for the one line review format 1. I do it that way for the comedy. 2. I do one line reviews because even though I have a film degree, I’m terrible at writing reviews. I just love movies too much to be critical and unbiased about them so I cant review them well.

    • decimawho says:

      Good, I’m at last vindicated. 😀

      And what’s wrong with a biased review? I’d like to read them. Also more of your longer non-film posts, I like your writing style and humour!

      • Glad you’re liking the longer essay type posts. The plan is to post all the Classic Mitch posts that were previously published, then start writing new ones. In the meantime the movie reviews and life lessons will be new.

  4. decimawho says:

    I see, well hurry up with Classic Mitch, I’ve just read all the ones on wordpress and now I’m Mitch deficient. (and incredibly bored.)

  5. decimawho says:

    Oh no! I didn’t know people got seasonal allergies at this time of year, what are you allergic to? Are you feeling any better today? I’m allergic to pine needles, which means I have to have artificial christmas trees.:(

    • In the Spring and the Fall, I get sinus infections like clockwork, since childhood. Hence the 4 hour wait to get an antibiotic from a doctor last night. I’ll be a bit under the weather but should be better by the weekend.

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