Mitch’s Dating Vacation A.K.A. Aww Eff This Diary: Day Two

So how did dating vacation day two go?

-I decided to do yoga today because I actually wanted to, not out of guilt that I need to keep fit for the dating game. However, I may have defeated the purpose of this by having Kit Kat Ice Cream for appetizer, dinner, and dessert. Do I give a flying eff? Nope.

-I’ve come to the decision that for the entire length of my dating vacation I will wear sweatpants. Even so far as to break my “no sweatpants outside the house rule.” Why? Think of it as committing to the role. However it does pose possible erection in public risks. Think: “Circus Tent.”

-I’ve decided to re-grow my beard, for the entire length of my dating vacation. Two reasons. One, think of it like growing a playoff beard. Two, once I am done the dating vacation I could do that thing they do in movies and shave to signify my “rebirth.”

-Rocky 4 should be required viewing by international law when one is in a dating slump. Exploding boxing gloves, a robot, The Godfather of Soul, Drago, Apollo dies and the fall of Communism by a 173 Lb Italian “heavyweight.” How could this movie ever NOT be awesome??? (Thanks for the suggestion brianhmohl. I needed this.)

Two days down, five to go

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