Life Lessons With Mitch Lesson 227


Inappropriate responses to receiving a homemade Christmas gift.

-“Are you mad at me?”

-“Look, if cash is a little tight, you could have asked for a loan.”

-“A gag gift, funny.”

-“You do know the gift exchange limit was $50, right?”

-“It is the thought that counts, you enjoy that $100 Itunes Gift card you asked for and I’ll enjoy this 2 cups of Nut and Bolts snack mix you made, threw in an old mayonnaise jar and wrapped a ribbon around.”

(DISCLAIMER: Before I get a bunch of messages extolling “it’s the thought counts” or “Jesus is the reason for the season”, let me just say that due to one Christmas when I was 12 years old where we had to use the Food Bank and beg the power company to keep the power on, I assure you I know what the true meaning of Christmas is. I think everyone once in their life should have a Food Bank Christmas; it really keeps the holidays in perspective.)

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One thought on “Life Lessons With Mitch Lesson 227

  1. decimawho says:

    I’m all for homemade gifts, but they need to look nice. Not like your 6 year old made it.

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