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Wine For Normal Guys Vol 1 A.K.A “No doobt aboot it, keepin’ it Canadian, eh?”

50th Parallel Estate Pinot Noir 2012 Canada-$35

IMAG0275I have a personal rule when it comes to wine, I call it the “1525 rule.” Meaning I try to keep my wine in that price range. I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t have to spend more than $25 to get good wine. On the other hand, when you spend anything south of $15 you truly are getting what you pay for. Same goes for any wine you buy with a jug handle, comes in quantities of 5 litres or more, or uses the phrase “wine style product” on the label.

I kind of broke my own rule on this one. I was on vacation in wine country, on a wine tour, caught up in the atmosphere and scenery and I think that influenced my purchase. Whilst I do loves me a good subtle delicate Pinot Noir now and then, there are things about Pinot Noir I dont like. One, price tag. Pinot Noirs are on average pricey due to the delicate nature of the grape. Two, theres a point of being subtle and theres a point where you’re so subtle you just gave me some alcoholic grape juice. Enough of my ranting lets get to the tasting notes for the normal guy.

Nose-(AKA How’s this bad boy smell?)- Got a decent whiff of dark cherry right off the bat, vanilla and some kind of spice but I couldn’t quite name it.

When I was in high school a common comment on my reports cards was “Mitch, has lots of potential that could be utilized and channelled for success if only he applied himself. However, he seems quite content to be a B minus student and put in just what’s required.” That’s kind of how I felt about this wine.

The flavour was flat as hell, there was almost no body to it. And it might just be me, but wine shouldn’t be ‘tangy’. This wine was just too dang young for my liking. I forgave the wine a little more once our BBQ steak dinner was with it, the food seemed to tame the wines flaw but not enough for me to say I liked the wine. Fuck it, I’ll say it. This was downright  over priced $35 grape shit in a bottle.

Screw It Pinot Grigio-Canada $12

IMAG0277A budget blend for a cheap ass price and it was actually pretty decent. Would work well with most foods, or as standalone drinking vino. You get a lot of citrus and herb at first whiff. Mild body, crisp finish, easily drinkable. A good wine to start the night with before moving onto other wines.

This would be perfect for dudes who got a ladyfriend coming over and need some booze to tip the getting lucky scales in their favour. If anyone actually gets lucky due to my half assed review, I better damn well get a thank you card.


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